Fossil suggests that the Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx were once submerged under water

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Great Sphinx of Giza

Here, we present evidence that the monument we now know as the Great Sphinx was called Mehit and that this name was part of an exclusive title held only by the highest officials of the royal Egyptian court going back to at least early dynastic times, i. Furthermore, the symbolic origins of this title precede the 4th Dynasty by at least five centuries, going back to the very cradle of writing during the earliest dynastic era of the early Nile civilization. Based on this philological evidence corroborating geological and archeo-astronomical evidence previously published, we conclude that a lion-like stone monument existed on the Giza Plateau long before the Great Sphinx is generally believed to have been made and that early dynastic Egyptians referred to it in writing.

Introduction Controversy lingers as to when the Great Sphinx was made.

The Great Sphinx is an international symbol of mystery and controversy. It is the world’s largest statue and one of its oldest, yet basic facts about it are unknown, such as the real-life model for the face, when exactly it was built, and by whom it was built.

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Mystery Of The Silver Hands Discovered In An Etruscan Tomb Full Of Secrets

Enlarge The Great Sphinx’s paws and head are out of proportion, suggesting there may have been an even larger, earlier statue which was adapted But geologist Colin Reader found that rain erosion on the Sphinx’s enclosure suggests it was built many years before. A sunken palace on the Giza plateau provides further evidence that there was activity in the area before the building of the pyramids, Mr Reader said. Its style implies that it is older than the other tombs at the site.

The Exodus Controversy. including the Sphinx and associated pyramids. And here’s the most glaring evidence of all: why are all the great archeological ruins, finds and discoveries in Egypt? If Canaan/Israel was such a jolly important place, with such a glorious history, why .

It has captivated people since the dawn of civilization. It is the largest single sculpted statue in the world, right out of the neighboring limestone. The creation of the sphinx – as with that of the Great Pyramid – remains a mystery to this day. The sphinx is built of soft sandstone and would have disappeared long ago had it not been buried in sand for so long. The paws are 50 feet long 15m while the entire length is feet 45m. The head is 30 10m feet long and 14 feet 4m wide. It is feet long and 65 feet high The Sphinx is oriented due east – facing the rising sun – near the 30th parallel, and may well be the oldest monument on the Giza site since long-term water weathering has been found around it, in the great pit in which it lays.

It is situated about six miles west of Cairo. It has a temple to the front which resembles the sun temples which were built later by the kings of the 5th Dynasty. The Sphinx has a tail which wraps around the right hind paw The paw has been restored in recent years. It has a breastplate between its front paws.

Unfortunate Implications

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Probably the only article you’ll ever need to read about the Sphinx Before reading this article about the Sphinx, I knew just three things about it: It was large, it was old, and it was in Egypt.

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Redating the Sphinx

The Mystery of the Sphinx By Dr. The whole complex of Giza, composed of the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid, other pyramids, and distinct structures, definitely holds the key to understanding advanced past civilizations. What confounds the experts when they try to ascertain the Pyramid’s origin is figuring out how a civilization could have built a project of this size without some records.

In the examination of the mystery of the great Sphinx we run into a similar situation.

The Sphinx age controversy has been an unwelcome distraction to mainstream scholars. At the present all they concede is that the focused attention on the geological and environmental history of the monument is a good for promoting preservation.

In response, archaeologists have thrown mud at geologists, historians have been caught in the middle, and the Sphinx, having revealed one secret, challenges us to unravel even greater ones. Click and drag photo to resize. Schwaller de Lubicz Between and , Schwaller undertook a survey of the Egyptian Temple of Luxor. His measurements of the floorplan and other detailed observations of the ruins disclosed geometrical relationships not previously suspected.

These were confirmed by French archaeologists. Schwaller found similar relationships at other sites.

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Mysteries of Egypt. Higher than a six-storey building, longer than a city block, and carved entirely from the natural bedrock, the Great Sphinx at Giza is one of .

Conventional techniques of dating the Sphinx have included analysis of its stylistic features, the stratigraphy of artifacts excavated, and the record of extant historical documentation. In my opinion, the most compelling evidence that the Sphinx dates to the time of Khafre is found in the layout of the Sphinx enclosure see diagram below. If we assume that the Sphinx was carved in Pre-Dynastic times, then we might well wonder why the southern wall of the enclosure was carved at an angle.

Why wasn’t it squared with the axis of the Sphinx as were the other walls? Further, if it is assumed that the southern wall was capriciously carved at the angle we find it, then isn’t it a bit too much to expect that thousands of years later, after the construction of tombs and pyramids on the surrounding necropolis, Khafre was able to build his pyramid and his valley temple, and then have the angle of the causeway connecting the two match exactly the angle of the southern wall of the enclosure?

This would have been quite a providential coincidence indeed. One might counter that perhaps the southern wall of the enclosure was at first parallel with the axis of the Sphinx and then later modified by Khafre to accommodate his causeway. But in that case, the southern wall wouldn’t show the alleged “ancient” erosion pattern see photograph below , nor would the allegedly Pre-Dynastic Sphinx Temple be off-center in relation to the Sphinx but centered in relation to the “modified” southern wall.

Plan of Khafre’s causeway and the Sphinx enclosure. Plan after Lehner, Recent controversy has resulted primarily from a geological examination of the monument. The darling of the old-Sphinx theorists remains Dr. Schoch, associate professor of science and mathematics at the College of General Studies at Boston University.

The Age of Sphinx: Colin Reader vs Robert Schoch (Part 1)

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