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It borders Congo Kinshasa on the north and east. The region lies on the eastern Central African Plateau, with gently undulating terrain mostly between 3, and 5, feet and 1, metres in elevation and occasionally broken by isolated hills. The Kafue River, tributary to the Zambezi River, traverses the province in a generally southward direction, and swamps occur along the river and its numerous tributaries. Broad areas of the plateaus are covered with an open mixture of shrubs, trees, and tall grasses. Chiefdoms dominated by the Lamba, Lima, and Lala peoples rose in the early 17th century, and after raiding the area, the Chikunda later settled there. The s treaties with the British South Africa Company brought the territory into what became in the colony of Northern Rhodesia, ruled by a legislative council with a white majority. In the northern mining towns popular African discontent found effective expression against colonial rule, especially after the federation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia, and under the leadership of Kenneth Kaunda. Upon independence the area became a province of the new state of Zambia.

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Whatsapp In a life bookended by tragedy, Prince Nico Mbarga poured joy into music, including the most popular song in African history. But his own story has never been told — until now. Twenty years ago the man who recorded one of the most successful songs of all time was thrown off a motorbike by a car in Calabar, Nigeria. He hit his head on the road and was rushed to the hospital, where he lay for two weeks, in and out of consciousness, but deteriorating all the time.

On June 24, , Prince Nico Mbarga was pronounced dead.

Geofluids is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that provides a forum for original research and reviews relating to the role of fluids in mineralogical, chemical, and structural evolution of the Earth’s crust. which was dated at Ma by U/Pb dating. In the Zambian Copperbelt, the primary diagenetic sulphide stock of the Lumwana Cu.

Share Shares 37 When most of us think of witch slayings, we conjure up images of the famous witch trials in Salem , Massachusetts, in or similar old-time panics. By our modern standards, crazy beliefs back then led to the executions of innocent people wrongly accused by delusional neighbors. Many of us think that people are too sophisticated today to believe in such nonsense.

This list examines these modern evils, shedding light on present-day attacks and cold-blooded murders brought on by superstitious beliefs and the irrational fear of witches and witchcraft. Then he beat her to death with a stick, pausing briefly when her husband arrived home. At that moment, the mysterious intruder viciously attacked the unsuspecting husband before fleeing the scene of the crime in the remote mountainous village of Guadalupe del Cobre.

Believing the murder had been forgotten, Olivares, then 78, returned to the sleepy town in western Mexico, only to be arrested while walking to a bus station. His arrest came one year after the slaying of a woman in central Mexico at the hands of another female who claimed that she, too, had been possessed due to witchcraft. There, they were forced to drink a dangerous hallucinogenic potion. Those who did not die from the concoction were subjected to prolonged torture with knives, severe beatings, cigarette burns, and electric shock.

Upon their arrival, they encountered year-old Carlos Alberto Amarillo waiting patiently in the street, Bible in hand. Minutes earlier, Amarillo had called As police entered the master bedroom, they found Estrella lying on a bed with a pillow over her face. She and her daughter, Lina, had been bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

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Upload Policy details opens in a new window. Its occurrence is the result of oxidation of Cu-Co-sulfides and associated Co reprecipitation in the uppermost part of the deposits, during the Pliocene. In addition to sediment-hosted copper and cobalt ore deposits, the Katanga Copperbelt also hosts numerous uraniferous mineral occurrences and deposits, which can be associated with heterogenite.

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History of Kitwe City A Brief History Historically, Kitwe has been known to be the hub of economic activities on the Zambian Copperbelt, with the mining sector playing a pivotal role in its growth and development. The high population density in Kitwe city poses unique challenges and opportunities in public service delivery because Kitwe City Council KCC has to deal with the complex task of efficiently and effectively utilizing scarce resources to respond to the needs of an ever increasing urban populace.

The City of Kitwe is located in the central part of the Copperbelt province. The City has had mining operations dating back to the s. The name Kitwe depicts the skull of an elephant icitwe chansofu which was found alongside copper ore deposits. This led to sinking of the first shaft at Nkana mine in

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ZIPAR conducted a survey of businesses and a nationally representative survey of the public in and found that the Copperbelt had the highest net job losses — The research also highlights that respondents in the Copperbelt were more likely to report reductions in wages. Nearly three in five More positively, fewer residents of the Copperbelt reported that their economic situation had worsened. The Copperbelt had the largest proportion of people who perceived the general economic situation to be adverse: Nine in ten

Feb 10,  · One prominent candidate emerging to challenge incumbent Kalusha Bwalya is Lusaka business magnate Andrew Kamanga. Kamanga is well respected within and outside the country for his virtuous business credentials.

Evolution[ edit ] Eastern Gondwana , with southern Africa to the left. The Lufilian Arc is marked “LA”, in the pink shaded region between the Congo and Kalahari cratons in the lower left of the map. It is bounded to the southeast by the Mwembeshi Dislocation , marked “MD” click to enlarge. The Katanga Supergroup of Neoproterozoic sediments rests on a basement formed in the Paleoproterozoic or Mesoproterozoic eras. The lower basement is made of granites , gneisses and schists formed during the Eburnean age, about — Ma.

The Kibaran orogeny deformed and metamorphosed the upper basement between Ma and Ma. Extension was replaced by compression as the Kalahari and Congo cratons moved back towards each other at the start of the Pan-African orogeny. Nappes advancing from the south deposited olistostrome detritus into the Fungurume foreland basin to the north of the arc. Nappe overthrusting and deformation of the foreland followed before the olistostrome sediments had lithified.

A fold that is convex up and has its oldest beds at its core. Erosion may expose the older rocks. Compression deformed the Katanga supergroup sedimentary rocks into a fold and thrust belt , the Lufilian Arc.

Lufilian Arc

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract The Tizert Cu-Ag deposit is the largest of a series of sediment-hosted copper deposits of the Anti-Atlas copper province in Morocco. Mineralized rocks in the deposit contain disseminated sulphides within a Late Ediacaran, dominantly siliciclastic sedimentary formation named the Basal Series.

Isopach map of the Basal Series thickness shows that during the Late Ediacaran the area was composed of large subsiding zones separated by paleohighs.

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Tribes in Zambia W ith over 70 different tribes in Zambia, there is wide cultural diversity. Interestingly enough it is one of the few countries in Africa with very little tribal animosity; the existence of so many tribes has proved less of a political problem in Zambia than in many other African countries. After some centuries they were conquered by the Makalolo from the South, fleeing themselves from the great Zulu conqueror, Shaka.

They left their language, Sikololo as the lingua franca of the Barotse plains and imposed much of their cultural tradition on the area. The Lozi people eventually rose up against them in and all but annihilated them. Their Chief is called the Litunga and they are essentially cattlemen. Every year they migrate to higher ground above the barotse flodplains of the Zambezi in a grand ceremony called the Kuomboka.

They conquered indigenous tribes there with ease.

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University of East Anglia UK: Woolf Institute, Cambridge UK: Eng – Research Fellow 18 Aug. University of Hull UK:

Dating and other work in the late twentieth century has reduced this number to one, though modern geologists still sometimes subdivide this Lufilian orogeny (ca. Ma) into two or three distinct episodes of deformation.

Gale Encyclopedia of U. Many of the factories and steel mills that produced the “American economic miracle” during and after World War II — were padlocking their gates by the s. This was more than a downward phase in the business cycle. It was a structural crisis brought about by the aging of a generation of factories, the relative decline of the manufacturing sector, and increased global competition. The crisis brought unemployment to workers, and increased police and welfare costs to cities at the same time that it signaled a decline in tax revenues.

When the factories shut down, the cities lost corporate and property tax revenues as workers followed jobs to the suburbs or to other parts of the country. The term “Rust Belt” thus refers to a social crisis mostly affecting the cities. During the s and s, rust belt cities experienced deepening unemployment, out-migration of population, loss of electoral votes, and an overall decline in industry and the economy.

Smaller industrial plants relocated to Mexico or to low-wage American Sun Belt states. Big steel companies dating from the nineteenth century, like Bethlehem Steel and U. Because land was at a premium when the plant was built, it was six stories tall—a problem for assembly line production as the partially assembled units had to go from floor to floor. By the s, as single story factories were being built in the suburbs or rural areas, the Dodge Main plant was obsolete.

The plant was also the site of racial and union militancy, as African American workers formed the “Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement” DRUM to counter racial discrimination in the workplace and in the union.

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Life expectancy among people living with HIV has improved significantly as a result of scaled-up treatment programmes in recent years. Women are disproportionately affected by HIV, with prevalence among young women more than double that of young men. In , around 41, adults and 7, children became newly infected with HIV in Zambia.

The discrepancy exists due to a variety of complex and overlapping factors.

Jul 21,  · Explore this page to find out more about populations most affected by HIV in Zambia, testing and counselling, prevention programmes, antiretroviral treatment availability, civil society’s role, HIV and TB, barriers to the response, funding and the future of HIV in Zambia.

He recalled that when he was in charge of Muchinga, the province never had any audit queries during the three years that he served; but Copperbelt Province had proved to be notorious for theft of government resources. In order to arrest the problem, Mr Nundwe gathered accountants, whom he thinks are the major culprits, from various departments and gave them a stern warning at a skills building workshop in Ndola. We have a section of civil servants on the Copperbelt who have an agenda to steal wilfully with impunity.

We have chaps building yet his salary is very low. So, next time if you steal, I will take you to PAC so that we sweat together. But no matter how much you steal from government, we will bury you with a boxer and a shirt. So, account for government resources prudently, otherwise you will go and rot in jail. They will screw you in jail and you will find they have chewed your wife for nothing. It seems the Permanent Secretary was very certain that he was addressing thieves employed by government as accountants, yet there is no action taken against any one of them.

The truth is that theft by these public servants is a little more complicated and deep-rooted than it is seen on the surface. It is not always that accountants steal without any accomplice at the top of the government department or organization hierarchy. Usually, the bigger the amount stolen, the higher the accomplice involved. So, we would like to recommend to Mr Nundwe that he buys a mirror for his office and look into it every day when he reports for work and before leaving.

When accountants are able to steal big without being caught, that only goes to show that there is lack of internal controls to monitor expenditure and accountability.

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Map of the Zambian copperbelt, indicating the locations of Roan Antelope, Mufulira, Nkana-Kitwe and Nchanga, the four major copper mining sites in the s and s. Ross and Malcom Watson – deserves further scrutiny, as there was a substantial record of successful malaria control dating back to (Watson ; Chamberlain ).

For this purpose he raised the Pioneer Force which in , as part of the Pioneer Column led by Selous and commanded by Colonel Pennefather, marched north from the Cape Colony to open up Rhodesia by cutting the road and preparing fortified posts. The Pioneer Force, on arrival at Fort Salisbury on 12th September, , disbanded and the men became the first settlers in Mashonaland.

The other part of the Pioneer Column, the British South Africa Company’s Police, under the command of Colonel Pennefather and Major Forbes, both of the 6th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, was not dispersed but was given the role of safeguarding the line of communication to the new Rhodesia. These settlers, formed into a Volunteer Unit, the Mashonaland Horse, took part in the Matabele War in which resulted in the annexation of that country and its amalgamation with Mashonaland to form the future Southern Rhodesia.

The Mashonaland Horse was renamed the Rhodesia Horse. In with the re-organisation of Southern Rhodesia’s Defence System a Territorial Active Force of two battalions was formed and named the Rhodesia Regiment; the 1st Battalion at Salisbury with a company at Umtali and the 2nd at Bulawayo. In , due to the high leadership qualities of the Regiment’s personnel and to prevent possible large scale man-power loss to Southern Rhodesia, it was decided not to use the two battalions as such in the second world war.

In , His Majesty King George VI, in recognition of the widespread service of the personnel of the Regiment and the fine reputation Rhodesians had gained for themselves, conferred the title “Royal” and honoured the Regiment further by becoming its Colonel in Chief. After the War, school cadet units in Southern Rhodesia were formed into two cadet Battalions and brought into the Regiment as the 3rd and 4th Battalions.

The designation of the cadet battalions was later changed to 12th and 13th Battalions. These units were originally the learner pilots of the 1st Battalion, the Light Battery of the 1st Battalion, the Armoured Car Squadron of the 2nd Battalion and the Engineer and Signal sub-units of both the 1st and 2nd Battalions. The Regimental col-ours are Black, Green and Red. In the past, the 1st and 2nd Battalions have had pipe bands.

An association dating back to the first World War, when men from the Regiment served with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, has resulted in the Royal Rhodesia Regiment becoming affiliated to that unit.

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